The Best White Fashion Trainers For Men

Since Athleisure burst on to the scenes in the late 90's, the chemistry between high-end fashion and athletic footwear has continued to flourish. In fact fashion trainers are fast becoming the dominant player in mens footwear, but non so much as the box-white trainer. 
The universal nature of a crisp white leather trainer, allows for men of all ages and personalities to adapt this wardrobe staple, to fit their own fashion tastes and styles.


From Kanye West to David Beckham, the white fashion trainer has been styled upon some of the greatest ambassadors of our generation. So, if you are ready to take on this key SS19 trend, check out our favourite fashion trainers for men in 2019.



As seen in Safari Magazine (Japan), this edgy unapologetic white low top is perfectly paired with a dark blue denim shirt. As a sister to the minimal white sneaker, Crazy Horse is the classic low turned up to eleven. 


Mens white fashion trainers



All in the detail, this minimalist white design incorporates flattering curvaceous lines and playful heel studs. This runner has a sporty edge which pairs perfectly with a well tailored navy slim fit suit. 
Mens white runner


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Last but not least, no respecting 00's gentlemen would be without throw back kicks. These fun velcro High Tops offer a slash of nostalgia to any seasonable wardrobe. 


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