Breaking Down Stereotypes, One sneaker at a time

With the world now embracing a gender-neutral society, kids are now able to lead the way in how they express themselves, without pressure to be especially feminine or masculine as they grow. We now see a widespread acceptance of kids being able to be who they want to be without the need to be pushed one way or the other.

With each passing day, it seems that more and more people are recognizing and accepting that gender identity may not be such a black and white concept. 

With the latest release of Captain Marvel the new superhero action film set around a female lead, it's clear the world is reacting to this equality movement where gender is becoming less of an identifier and both genders can blur the lines of stereotypical expectations.  

We are supportive of empowerment and believe that all kids have the right to express themselves in any way they see fit. We are all about embracing everyone no matter who they are and choose to be. Working towards an open-minded society, we want to give an alternative to kids of the future.

If we let children decide for themselves, recognising their small choices, we are empowering them and acknowledging their worth. Children don’t have many choices so letting a child experience some autonomy and independence can really make a difference.

Our collection celebrates every child and we encourage them to feel empowered and confident in our sneakers. Just like every little superhero should!

Our children's footwear line offers a gender-neutral concept that allows children the opportunity to choose and wear what feels right for them. 

Our mini sneaker collection has one thing in common… they don’t label who should wear them.